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C. L. "Red" Scholefield - Click on the name for a brief Bio

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Specializing in R/C Battery systems.

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Welcome to the Battery Clinic

Your R/C system battery questions answered promptly, just e-mail to: redscho3@gmail.com

For information on disposal of your Ni-Cd packs dial 1-800-822-8837 and enter the information requested from your touch tone phone. Or visit Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

Some thoughtful modelers have gone to magnificent lengths to incorporate some of my battery dissertations in their home pages. With all this "disserting" I have neglected to gain the requisite skills to make up really fantastic home pages, ergo I am obliged to direct your concentration to the links provided below. 

Basic Ni-Cd Stuff....The seminar presented to commercial customers around the world. At the incessant urging of a number of visitors I finally added the charts and graphs. Long overdue. Thanks for your patience, now I can get back to gluing balsa together with a clear conscience.

Mark Venis, Vencon Technologies, collected some of my random rantings on batteries. Comments on Ni-MH are somewhat dated. Things have improved significantly over the past few years with this technology. from the the newsgroup, rec.models.rc.air, saving you the trouble of going to Google and searching them out. Mark markets a rather nice little package that lets you cycle your packs and display the actual charge and discharge curves on your computer. Check it out, It's the UBA 4 and he talks about it on his home page. 

Excellent Ni-Cd FAQ by Ken A. Nishimura, Berkley.

Cadex Battery University  by Isidor Buchmann, President Cadex Electronics Inc.

The Battery Discussions in the Archives linked at the top of this page are in no way intended to denigrate the work of others on the subject of batteries. However, it is not uncommon for errors to creep into battery related articles since the industry has done a rather poor job in educating the end users with the result that many battery myths have filled the voids. Since retirement I have made it my undertaking to share as much battery information as possible with the modeling public, information which until now been held back by the industry for "marketing" or "commercial" reasons or perhaps because the average consumer could care less. 


This site is simply the best resource for R/C battery system information.  C.L. "Red" Scholefield, an electrical engineer and respected battery specialist, has compiled a great deal of information and presented it in a logical, easy to use form.   Every R/C enthusiast should have this site bookmarked!  (March 6, 1999) 
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"The R/C Battery Clinic - the best site on the web for battery adivce."

Academy of Model Aeronautics  The voice of model aviation in the United States.



Contact Red via email; redscho@cox.net

R/C Web Directory

Some good sources for SANYO batteries for R/C:

Radical R/C  - Dave provides some great answers to your battery questions at his site.

NoBS Batteries - Great battery FAQ and the best built packs in the business at this site. (edit: gee, thanks, Red!! ..Steve) 

FMA Direct - An excellent source of Lithium Polymer Batteries and the best charger/balancers available.

Last updated 8/7/14

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