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"What's the Difference??"
I've been asked that question a lot! At the WRAM show we had a customer stop by and hand us a Giant Scale Rx pack he got from the 'other guy'.. we swapped packs, took 'em both apart and then we had a great time for the rest of the show demonstrating just where and how our packs differ from theirs.  Have a look below to see the difference for yourself, then ask the question: "Which pack would you rather fly in your model?".. which begs the next question: "Why on earth would you pay more for their pack when you can get ours for less?" 
See for yourself! 

Our Sub C Rx Pack

click to enlarge
Our Sub-C Nicad Giant Scale Pack

  • Sanyo cells, cell origins and date codes displayed
  • 1/4" HD tabs & cell interconnects 
  • 12 welds minimum per interconnect
  • Flexible RTV cushions between cells  
  • Complete Wiring Strain Relief
  • 20g cabling, gold contact connector 
  • Full FG Tape pack reinforcement for additional strength
  • 3M Polyolefin Mil-Spec rubberized finish
  • The 'Other Guys' Sub C Pack

    click to enlarge
    Their Sub-C Nicad Giant Scale Pack

  • Re-jacketed cells, cell origins and codes are disguised
  • Small tabs & thin cell interconnects, only 8 welds total ! 
  • Brittle CA & hot glue assembly, jacket cracks common 
  • No wiring strain relief, 24g cabling just draped across cell tops ! 
  • No pack reinforcement for system strength
  • Brittle, fragile PVC plastic finish
  • Ok... so what do the experts say??
    We sent a standard 800AA Sanyo Rx and Tx pack set (blind test, packs from assembled stock, no preparatory charging or cycling) to Red Scholefield at the R/C Battery Clinic for evaluation and testing. Here's the report:

    NoBS Battery Analysis


    Receiver pack had 20 mil over sleeve (most manufacturers use 6 mil). Lead wires 8” long awg 20 wire (most manufacturers use 4-6” long w/awg 22 –24). Futaba J connector w/gold flashed pins. Stress relief on lead provided by 1” filament/strapping tape.  Weight 3.61 oz vs. 3.14 oz for Futaba 4 cell AA 700 mAh pack. Cell interconnections .187” X .005” thick nickel straps triple welded (Futaba packs double welded Ni-plated steel – some other pack assemblers use .158” wide tabs). See photo.

    Pack Welding Comparison
    Futaba on top, NoBS Pack on below

    Battery Pack voltage (OCV) as received was 4.48 volts suggesting unformed cells (Sample not selected for this test). Discharge @ 250 mA after 24 hour charge @ C/10 (80 mA) 991 mAh to 3.6 volt cut off (123% of rated capacity).


    Transmitter pack OCV as received 8.34 volts (unformed cells). Discharge @ 250 mA after 24 hour charge @ C/10 (80 mA) 969 mAh to 7.2 volt cut off (121% of rated capacity). Pack over sleeve 6 mil (standard for transmitter packs). Leads awg 22 wire with Futaba J connector w/ gold flash pins. Interconnecting straps.187 X .005, triple welded, cell sticks connected by folded tab. Fiber insulation plate used on each end of pack.

    Discussion: "The No BS receiver pack employs heavy-duty construction that is as good as I have ever seen. The techniques used result in an overall lower pack resistance than packs using the same cells from other cell assemblers as well as a pack that is more resistant to shock and vibration seen in the R/C aircraft environment. Transmitter packs while essentially the same type of construction as other pack providers are of top quality assembly."

    One each of each type tested. Test device – Alpha 4.

    Notation for attached picture.
    Pack welding.
    Futaba pack at top
    No BS pack at bottom

    Red’s R/C Battery Clinic

    Click here to view the Review and customer comments on RCU

    Ok, now how about price?

    We found the Futaba 700 Tx Sq pack at Tower Hobbies for $39.99 (stock # LXLV15, includes connector) then we checked another well known quality assembler for their price on an 800 Series Tx pack.. a whopping $54.99 + 5.00 for the connector.  The NoBS Sanyo 800 pack is $32.95 and includes the connector.


    NoBS!... our packs are built better than any other pack in it's price class and are at least as good as those built by the most expensive assemblers in the market.. yet they cost less. Depending on where you buy and what you fly, ours can cost you a whole LOT less!  


    The Details.. and a few words regarding our construction philosophy..


    “If the plane matters.. the battery matters.”


    We strongly believe in quality.. even where you can’t see it. It's our policy to clearly label each pack and package with the details on whose cells are in your packs.. each and every pack comes with a pedigree.  We never rejacket cells to disguise the origin or date codes. It’s your plane, your investment, your decision. We feel you have a right to the information about whose cells are in your pack, how old it is and what materials were used to build it. If you have good information, the chances are you’ll make a good decision. It’s no secret that the industries finest Nicad and NiMH cells are manufactured by Sanyo, Elite and KAN. We proudly feature these cells in all our critical airborne pack assemblies for both the hobby and the military. All our packs include the following quality features :


    Cell MFG and Series, Cell Type, Cell Impedance Rating and Pack Charge Data is clearly displayed on every one of our packs. Further, each pack is shipped with a data logging card and charging instructions. One can only wonder why NO other assemblers provide this critical information on the pack and with your purchase.


    The appropriate heavy duty gold plated R/C system connector comes installed on the pack at no extra charge. Charging you extra for what you need is 'BS', we won't do it!


    FRESH top-quality first line cells in ALL our packs. We never assemble packs from out dated overstock suppliers. Top Quality Packs can only be built from Top Quality Cells.


    Mil-Spec computer controlled welding equipment and top quality production materials are used throughout the assembly process. We don’t cut corners, each and every pack is built to order, to spec and with the finest materials available anywhere.


            Each cell in every pack is bedded with RTV to provide flexible protection from chaffing, jacket cracks and shorts in a high vibration environment.


            Our own custom Mil-spec oversize nickel alloy intercell straps, triple welded on both sides for the most dependable and strong connection possible.


            18 gauge extra heavy duty wiring used in all ‘A’ thru ‘SubC’ IMAC and Giant Scale pack assemblies


            22 gauge HD cabling on all ‘AA’ OEM Rx and Tx packs


            Soldered connections are to welded tabs per Mil Spec Standards. We NEVER solder direct to a cell end!


            All pack wiring is strain relieved so there is no risk of tab separation when the connector cabling gets a hard yank. We build packs designed to survive


             Mil-Spec 3M polyolefin shrink finish for all engine powered Rx, Servo and Ignition application packs, not cheap plastic PVC!


    Experts highly skilled and experienced in the craft of utterly dependable battery pack construction complete each and every step from cell screening to finished product testing and shipment right here in our shop. Quality Control and vigorous inspection of all aspects of production is the key to a superior quality pack. 


    This is quality you can count on.. and afford. Why? Because our prices are no higher than the leading discount hobby catalog houses and our quality is beyond comparison with packs costing up to twice as much. How can we do it? We don’t run full page national magazine ads, maintain a fancy storefront or staff a front office filled with spin doctors, accountants and ad copy smoke & mirror wizards that don’t contribute to our production efforts. Without all that 'dead wood' operating overhead we can afford to actually build a quality pack & pass the operational savings on to you. We’re so confident that we make the best pack you can buy at any price we guarantee each and every pack for one full year.. something no other pack manufacturer in our price range could ever hope to do. Since we are modelers as well as battery specialists we know what’s at stake every time you fly. Getting the right pack, designed and built to excel in the R/C environment may well be the most important equipment selection decision you make. We know exactly what you need!


      No Bull.. Just the best batteries you can buy anywhere! 

    Mil-spec construction, RTV cell bedding, oversize custom nickel straps and 12 welds per interconnect

    Robust, strain-relieved wiring. First connector always free, dual connector upgrade is only $5.00!

    Built to take the load
    ECU and Hot Start packs feature 'Triple Strap - Triple Weld' assembly. 36 welds per interconnect!

    "...worth every penny, and then some!"
    All Rx & Igniton Packs are finished to Mil-Spec standards including 3M rubberized shrink material

    Click here for a complete NiCad & NiMH Battery FAQ

    “If the plane matters.. the battery matters.”


    Hangtimes 1/4 Scale L-21 Equipped w/ a G-38, Video, Telemetry.. and of course, NoBS Batteries!

    "A man held a makework political job, polishing the cannon in front of the county courthouse. It kept him fed and let him put a little money aside, but he wasn't getting ahead in the world. So one day he withdrew his life's savings, bought a brass cannon --and went into business for himself." -- Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

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